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Electric Forest Themed 4.5" Magnetic Stash Pendant W/One Hitter | Maple Wood Item #1021


Item #1021

This Electric Forest Themed magnetic Stash Pendant is laser cut and etched from layered Maple Wood. The top is securely held on by 12 super N42 rare earth magnets! It comes with a 2" wooden Ryot Digger (One Hitter) and is paired with wood and ceramic *beads.

This piece is limited to 20 pieces sold and comes with a certificate of authenticity!

Diameter: 4.5"

  • Magnetic Stash Pendants

    * Laser cut and etched from maple wood and hand assembled!

    * N42 neodymium magnets embedded in the top and base for a secure                  


    * Intricate designs that are sure to get noticed and spark conversations!

     * All designs are created in very limited quantities.

     * Each piece comes numbered with a certificate of authenticity.

     * Incredibly lightweight! 

*Bead selection is subject to change based on availability

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