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Bassnectar Theme'd Lotus Magnetic Stash Pendant W/One Hitter 4" | Maple Wood Item #1004


Item #1004

Cut and hand assembled from layered Maple Wood, this piece beautifully combines the lotus flower with the Bass drop Symbol.  It features a 2" wood "Ryott Digger One Hitter"! Which comes apart for easy Cleaning.

The top is securely held on by 8 neodymium N48 rare earth magnets embedded in the wood for a secure hold!

this piece is strung on black fabric cored and paired with wood and ceramic *beads.

This pendant is limited to 60 pcs sold and comes numbered with a certificate of authenticity. 

Diameter: 3.5"

  • Magnetic Stash Pendants

    * Laser cut and etched from maple wood and hand assembled!

    * N42 neodymium magnets embedded in the top and base for a secure                  


    * Intricate designs that are sure to get noticed and spark conversations!

     * All designs are created in very limited quantities.

     * Each piece comes numbered with a certificate of authenticity.

     * Incredibly lightweight! 

*Bead selection is subject to change based on availability

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